Excellent 13th Birthday Party for SEMAFX, hosted by Mindfield Pictures!

We showed up in downtown Detroit, at the amazing loft studio called Mindfield Pictures!  Dave, Tom and Sean were impeccable hosts- they even bought us a cake to help celebrate our 13th year as a networking organization!

Topping it off was the surprise guest of Jake Pollak, one of our “lost sheep” (OK, he wasn’t lost, he just moved to Grand Rapids!).  It was a joy to see my “little brah” after a long while!  We had a good turnout, as we rebuild our momentum. 

The meeting was casual.  We toured the studio, watched their awesome Reel, talked a bit of the business, and how things are going, incentives or no… People are upbeat about our future- the city and our potential! 

I’m working on next month’s event.  We’re going to bump our Double Dog Dare Ya Challenge of “BOOM!” to May, so people can participate.  Nobody turned in an entry- come on guys!!!  I know Joseph probably has his done, but he wasn’t able to show up.  So bring your “Boom!” Challenge in next month.




About scottsemafx

Founder of The SEMAFX Network, 1998. Also founded the Creative Energy Alliance; originated the "Creative Energy Field" theorum. Founder of AniMichigan Showcase, and a promoter of Michigan talent from the full spectrum of creative arts.

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