Please join our Meetup site, too!

The re-emergence of SEMAFX is exciting and we look forward to 2012 (our 14 year!).

We are experimenting with social media and web tools to figure out the best way to communicate and share ideas and useful information with our members.  At this point, we’re using a few sites, including this Posterous site, as well as a Facebook Group and Facebook Page.  This “mix” seems the best way to insure people are getting notified of events and meetings.

Because that’s the MAIN POINT:  How to get people out of their house, studio or office and come MEET IN PERSON!  That’s what the meetings are for!

To help manage the meeting notifications, we’ve also added a SEMAFX site.  Meetup is a popular tool for groups and organizations.  You can join here:


As we try out different tools and sites, let us know what works best for you.  We’re always interested in your ideas- and we encourage you to share news and information with your fellow members- no matter WHICH site you share it on!

Look forward to seeing you soon.




ps- if you haven’t joined the site yet, please do!


About scottsemafx

Founder of The SEMAFX Network, 1998. Also founded the Creative Energy Alliance; originated the "Creative Energy Field" theorum. Founder of AniMichigan Showcase, and a promoter of Michigan talent from the full spectrum of creative arts.

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