April 12th- SEMAFX to be featured at the [D]Movement Conference!


Did you know that Detroit is considered one of the top 10 fastest growing tech cities, based on Meetup.com numbers?  That puts in in the same group as Paris, Toronto, Hong Kong and Melbourne!

The D-Movement this year is all about Meetups! For those not familiar with the term, Meetups are regular meetings of people who share a particular interest and passion.  Thy connect with each other through meetup.com, a growing social-networking tool.

There are a bunch of cool and inspiring things to see in Detroit!  Now, come see them all at once, at Schoolcraft College’s VisTaTech Center on April 12th!

The SEMAFX Network, founded in 1998, will be a featured meetup at this event.  Shane Sevo, a veteran SEMAFX member, and a long-time administrator of our online tools, will talk about SEMAFX and the things we do.  I hope our SEMAFX members can go and support him on April 12th!


About scottsemafx

Founder of The SEMAFX Network, 1998. Also founded the Creative Energy Alliance; originated the "Creative Energy Field" theorum. Founder of AniMichigan Showcase, and a promoter of Michigan talent from the full spectrum of creative arts.

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