MPA February Meeting

Contact: Mark Adler
Monday 20 Jan 2014

MPA February member Meeting
Going with the Flow – Set Workflows
Thursday, February 20 2014 at 6:30pm
Madonna University

MPA will present a discussion and overview of that word we are all very familiar with but means different things! Workflow. Although digital workflows are continually in flux there are principals that remain constant. Come see and hear from Working professionals an overview of today’s most common digital acquisition formats along with practical approaches to their management and delivery throughout the digital pipeline.

Register today at MPA Registration to secure a chair for this popular event. Admisson for MPA members is always free! Non Members, $7 at the door – $5 paid in advance. Advance payments can be made through PayPal or via a check postmarked prior to February 20.

A Direct link to event registration can also be found at


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Founder of The SEMAFX Network, 1998. Also founded the Creative Energy Alliance; originated the "Creative Energy Field" theorum. Founder of AniMichigan Showcase, and a promoter of Michigan talent from the full spectrum of creative arts.

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