2015 West Michigan Creative Congress! Calling all Delegates!

On Friday, May 8, 2015, from 6-9 pm, the SEMAFX Network, Ferris State University, Dart Frog Creative and others come together for the Third Annual West Michigan Creative Congress, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The “Creative Congress” calls together “delegates” from all corners of our creative “Nation,” to discuss, network, brainstorm, discover new resources and explore new business opportunities.  Just like our Founding Fathers, we must come together and Declare our Independence from tired, old ideas and continually re-invent our “Creative Nation.” We enjoy the liberty to create, express our ideas, and pursue success, by forming a more perfect union of imaginative, creative citizens!

The first SEMAFX Network Creative Congress was in 2006.  Today, in West Michigan, the Creative Congress is fast becoming an important date on the Grand Rapids annual creative calendar. So register now and join us for a fun evening of networking, learning, brainstorming, sharing and dreaming.

This event gets bigger every year.  And on May 8th, we expect a big crowd of enthusiastic artists, educators, professionals and hobbyists from a wide spectrum of interests and industries.  The Congress features four key components:

Networking with wildly creative people!  Connect, collaborate, brainstorm and more!

The Sideshow Trade Show, where you can see new tech, new tricks, and meet cool creatives and learn about their businesses, services and products.

Our “Infamous Door Prize Raffle”- we have some fun, cool goodies to give away.

So if you’re interested in:  animation, visual effects, game development, film making, video, music, audio, architecture, sculpture, painting, graphic design, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D printing, advertising/marketing, creative entrepreneurism or lots of other cool, exciting things, this is your event.

The Creative Congress is graciously hosted by Ferris State University at their 151 Fountain St. digs, (inside GRCC’s ATC Building). Make sure to stop by the Ferris booth to thank them and learn about their nationally ranked (#16) Digital Animation and Game Design Department!


We are always in need of sponsors.  If you would like to support our event and our community, we could use:
Ca$h, which helps pay for catered food, drinks and other incidentals
Swag and goodies to give away in the “Raffle”- to name a few, we can use fun gifts, software, tickets to local events, gift cards to restaurants and stores, wearables or SWAG with your logo on it, books, memberships, training and, well, you name it!   Contact Jacob Pollak at jacobpollak@ferris.edu to donate.

Sideshow Trade Show

If you are interested in manning a table:
Tables are free to use, some power can be arranged if needed.  Just reserve as Exhibitor on Eventbrite and do it soon, because space is limited.  If you need something special (like extra space) or want to do something uber cool, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!   Contact Kyle Bourcier at 989.295.6916 or email him: kyle@dartfrogcreative.com.

About scottsemafx

Founder of The SEMAFX Network, 1998. Also founded the Creative Energy Alliance; originated the "Creative Energy Field" theorum. Founder of AniMichigan Showcase, and a promoter of Michigan talent from the full spectrum of creative arts.

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  1. How do I become a delegate . I am bringing several ballottine books for raffle.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I presume that you’ve registered on the Eventbrite site? That’s all it takes! And you are probably an Exhibitor, so you can have a table.
      I’m replying here inside the semafx.net site, something I haven’t done, so let me know you got this. Scottie.

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