Become a Member

Becoming a Full SEMAFX Premiere Member is the best way to support our efforts to promote you and our entire creative community.  For just $35/year, you help SEMAFX immensely, as we set up meetings, events, activities, gather sponsors, collect swag for raffles and keep in touch with literally hundreds of industry contacts, resources, gurus and other movers and shakers.  These connections all come back to you as a SEMAFX member.

Most of our events are free and everyone is welcome (within reason!).  But full members receive our famous “Thousands of Untold Benefits!”  When someone inevitably asks what these benefits are, you answer, “well, if we told you- they wouldn’t be “Untold!”

So think of us, out there working for YOU, connecting you to news, information,  tutorials, resources, job opportunities and maybe even some new friends.

To become a member, just contact we can take a check (payable to Scott Dunham), CA$H, or we can send you a link, so you can pay by credit card or PayPal.  Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!

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