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Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 1

Brainstorm Digital’s before and after shots from season 1 of HBO’s hit series “Boardwalk Empire”. (courtesy of Home Box Office, Inc) Twitter: BrainstormVFX. *WINNER OF 2 VES AWARDS!


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Meta’s Augmented Reality Glasses 2.0 | Demo

Meta, the augmented reality technology company, has captured the attention of the gadget world with the launch of the Meta Pro, the $3000 headset that aims to bridge the gap between fully…


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What can Oculus Rift do for healthcare?

Virtual reality is nothing new, of course. It’s been around in various forms since the 1980s. But an emerging technology called Oculus Rift has many people excited about a new era for the concept — and its potential applications in healthcare.


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FE15 (of the New Era): History Lesson: Looking Back at our Moving Art form, with Steve Stanchfield

February 11th-  Come join us at CCS tonight, to network with a whole new generation of upcoming, talented artists.

And I hope you CCS students will spread the word today, and come join us in the Anderson auditorium (6:30pm).

You may not have heard of SEMAFX!  But we’ve been building our digital arts community for 17 YEARS now… yep, it’s true!  2015 is officially the start of our “New Era”!

We are eager to meet and welcome these remarkable young artists and introduce them to the people and resources in our creative community. (nudge, nudge… hey, these are the kids you’re going to hire someday…)

So tonight at 6:30pm, we will hear Professor Steve Stanchfield, a true authority in the animation field.  Steve will share some of the more interesting moments in animation!

“When going forward, it helps now and then to look behind.”

We are meeting at the Anderson Auditorium, (in the Wendell Ford Building), on the CCS campus. Look for street parking or try the CCS parking ramp. We will have snacks, a raffle and amazing NETWORKING opportunities with crazy talented people of all ages. See you there!

Click here for a Map to CCS

If you want to know more about Cartoon History, check out the Cartoon Research website, where Steve is a contributor:

Professor Steve Stanchfield is an animator, educator and film archivist. He runs Thunderbean Animation, in Ann Arbor, Michigan and has compiled over a dozen archival animation DVD collections devoted to such subjects at Private Snafu, The Little King and the infamous Cubby Bear.

MPA February Meeting

Contact: Mark Adler
Monday 20 Jan 2014

MPA February member Meeting
Going with the Flow – Set Workflows
Thursday, February 20 2014 at 6:30pm
Madonna University

MPA will present a discussion and overview of that word we are all very familiar with but means different things! Workflow. Although digital workflows are continually in flux there are principals that remain constant. Come see and hear from Working professionals an overview of today’s most common digital acquisition formats along with practical approaches to their management and delivery throughout the digital pipeline.

Register today at MPA Registration to secure a chair for this popular event. Admisson for MPA members is always free! Non Members, $7 at the door – $5 paid in advance. Advance payments can be made through PayPal or via a check postmarked prior to February 20.

A Direct link to event registration can also be found at’s Lynda Weinman: Educating Online Before It Was Cool

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How a small Web-design startup paved the way for a current wave of massive online courses.

scottsemafx‘s insight: is an ardent supporter of SEMAFX!

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Plot Device on Vimeo

OK, here’s another cool flick from Seth! Funny, with enough VFX to make it relevant to us SEMAFXers.

Autodesk 2012 Corporate Show Reel – YouTube

Rob Legato: The art of creating awe – YouTube