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Speedshape seeks Graphics Pipeline Software Engineer (Posted 12/20/10)

Job Title: Graphics Pipeline Software Engineer

Experience, Skill and Knowledge

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
5+ years of professional software development experience.
Significant work experience with Python and C++.
Significant work experience with agile development methodologies including but not limited to automated testing (unit testing, functional testing, etc), dependency injection, mock objects, code coverage, and continuous integration.
Significant work experience with modern source control systems (Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, GIT, etc).
3D graphics programming experience preferred.
Experience designing and using relational databases.
Ability to work as a team and communicate effectively both in writing and verbally with other developers, artists, producers and management.
Ability to quickly learn a given programming language, API, technology or software package.
Ability to quickly troubleshoot anything.
Ability to juggle multiple projects and support tasks all at the same time.
Must be able to work flexible hours.
Moderate to expert skills in Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Word and Outlook).

Knowledge of the following:
o Maxscript and/or Mel experience a big plus.
o C#/.NET experience is a plus.
o Experience in visual effects and/or game programming a plus.
o Knowledge of 2D & 3D graphics tools (e.g. 3dsmax, Maya, Nuke, etc.) a plus.
o Hudson continuous integration server experience a plus

Relationship to Others

Work directly for Director of Software Engineering.

Work Schedule
40+ hours per week, overtime is possible.
General hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
After hour work and weekends may be necessary.

Typical Responsibilities/Duties

Develop software using agile methodologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of the art pipeline. (Including but not limited to developing in Python, Maxscript, C#, and C++).
Provide these creative, high-quality development solutions quickly and accurately.
Write new software to expand capabilities of the company and improve efficiency of the pipeline.
Maintain and improve existing pipeline software.
Provide hands-on support for internal users of the pipeline software.
Work closely with artists throughout the development process making sure the software meets their needs and is user friendly.
Monitor, manage, and improve the render farm and render farm job types.
Troubleshoot failing render farm jobs and fix them when possible.
Participate in all phases of development including specification, detailed design, testing and design review.
Document pipeline problems, fixes, workarounds, processes, and code as needed.
Continually improve skills, knowledge, techniques in relevant graphics and development technologies.
Communicate and work well with artists, producers, IT personnel, management, and clients.

SPEEDSHAPE has pride in having highly-skilled hardworking employees who care about his or her work and get along well with others. If you feel you are a good fit for our team please apply today! Look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: (248) 282-0200 ext: 1226