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Introducing the “Jobinator!”

On May 20, we launched the new SEMAFX Jobinator!  This is a beta program to set up a powerful sharing tool that lets our fellow artists know about jobs in our industries.  Right now, it’s in the form of a Facebook “Group” at:

Here you can sign up to find news about jobs, share jobs or gigs that you’ve heard about (but don’t want yourself!).

Together, we can cover a lot of ground and help communicate opportunities within our own creative family!


Umnmanimation from UM

Check out this website I found at

SEMAFX is Back!

Welcome to the SEMAFX Network, version 2.1!

Started back in 1998, we’ve been pretty consistent over the years, bringing excellent content, informative workshops and interesting guest speakers!  We’ve also listened to you and looked at our local work to help all of us improve our Craft.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events!