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2010: The Year We Make…

Welcome to the year of the future.  Remember when 2010 was a year used in sci-fi as the far future?  Well, we’re here.  What will you make of it?  Kubrick and other filmmakers hinted that this was the year we’d “make contact”.  I’m hoping this is the year we make a difference!  or make some money… and when we’ll find new success in our private and professional lives.

This Blog will talk about Animation and Visual Effects, in support of a new Series of events I’m hosting called “Animated Discussions”.  Our first Animated Discussion was held in November and featured guest speaker Chris Winters, an animator and Lighting TD at Image Movers Digital.  Chris is a Michigan “Hometown Hero” in Animation and he talked about his work on A Christmas Carol and other films, including The Day after Tomorrow, Harry Potter, Space Chimps, Castaway and many others.

Our next event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19th, 2010.  I’m still working on a guest speaker or topic to discuss.  But you’ll want to come and hang out.  We had 13 visitors at the last meeting, and the combined years of experience in the room was over 200 years!  It was a great night!

With so much potential for Michigan and the Anim/FX/Viz market, I’m positioning these discussions to help prepare our people and resources for new opportunities, as they pop up!

It always pays to be prepared.

The Animated Discussion on Jan 16 will be hosted at Expert Electronics Showplace, in Grosse Pointe’s Village.  17100 Kercheval… 6:30pm-9:30pm.  Bring your own drinks and food.  No cost for admission- but we do accept donations.  Minors to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Hope to see you there!

Maybe this is the year we will make contact!

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Animated Discussions is a Series of conversational events, to inspire a dialog and sharing of information, news, tips, tricks and opportunities in the local market.