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Introducing The Bunkspeed Cloud Solution

Introducing The Bunkspeed Cloud Solution What does it do? We are pretty excited to introduce the Bunkspeed® Cloud solution at Solidworks World 2011 in San Antonio, today.

The Bunkspeed Cloud solution, including SHOT Pro™ allows users to publish photorealistic scenes or 3D content generated in Shot Pro to the Web for real time visualizing and interacting from anywhere in the world; on almost any device via a web browser.

How do we do it? The Bunkspeed Cloud solution uses the mental images’ RealityServer® 3D web application services platform to empower users to create and collaborate on stunningly photorealistic visualizations without having to wait for images to render on their workstation.

We take our software and leverage the hardware resources you can find in public cloud providers or private internal clouds. In our case, we are using a bank of servers that have both CPUs and NVIDIA Fermi GPUs. The great thing with our cloud solution is that performance scales as more server nodes are added.

At Solidworks World, we are demonstrating a configuration of 16 nodes with 32 NVIDIA Fermi based GPUs located in a remote Cloud, which can accept large models and allow you to present them in an internet browser in real time. What does it mean for you?

Users in automotive design, architectural visualization, engineering, marketing, and consumer product design can create and collaborate on stunningly photorealistic visualizations without having to wait for images to render. Remote teams can share and review photorealistic designs via the web, leading to faster iteration and sharing of ideas.

Leveraging hardware resources in the Cloud, you can scale your performance needs up and down based upon demand. Interactive photorealism can be shared with prospective customers to make sure the design is appealing and doesn’t miss the market requirements.

With the introduction of the Bunkspeed Cloud solution, we are further offering our users a way to communicate and share their creativity without sacrificing the rendering quality and speed that makes Bunkspeed technology standout.

Join Philip Lunn, CEO of Bunkspeed as he gives a technology demo and description of the Bunkspeed Cloud solution on February 3, 2011 at 9:00 AM PST.

Bunkspeed Cloud & Power Boost Date: Thursday Feb 3, 2011 Time: 9:00 AM PST