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Let the Sun Shine!

Did you get outside today? It was 80 degrees- and its barely Spring. We didn’t really suffer intense cold this winter, so you would think that this year’s “Spring Fever” would be somewhat less dramatic. But we’ll still get it and act a bit silly and goofy in the warm sunshine!

With this amazing weather comes the natural inclination for our imaginations to simultaneously reminisce about lost summer days- and look ahead to warm weather, trips, grilling out, good times… and better days ahead!

This includes our business. We become Spring Optimists, letting the warmth of the sun bend our moods and intentions in positive directions. We start new projects, reach out with new, innovative marketing drives and retool and refresh our product lines and lists of services.

It’s all good! After all, Spring IS the season to plant seeds, so we can harvest down the road. So plant, prune and plan ahead. Tend the optimist in you and nurture your good will. Improve your skills, too. When the sun is high, all spirits are raised. So celebrate Spring and get ready for a great summer!

I don’t know what the economy will do- or if it will be affected for good or ill because of the weather, but at least our spirits will be renewed in the healing of the sun!

Let it Shine!