The SEMAFX Network started in April 1998, with a small group (of about 8 guys) sitting around, talking about animation and visual effects!  Since then, we’ve held monthly meetings that encouraged sharing of news, tips, tricks and information about jobs and other opportunities.  We often watch, critique, ooh and aaah over each other’s latest work and we network with other talented folks in the area, building important relationships.

We hold our meetings at various locations around the Metro area, to allow our members to meet new faces, see new places and explore cool spaces!

At the heart of SEMAFX is the passion for our Craft- and sharing it with everyone who is seriously interested in animation, visual effects and high end, photo-realistic visualization!  We also are building ways to mentor young people, to show them the way and guide them in their career.  We believe Mentoring is an important part of a healthy, thriving creative community.

I hope this site helps answer your questions and get you PUMPED about joining SEMAFX!  Our site(s) are in a state of flux, as we try to get you the coolest and most useful tools to help you find the NEXT EVENT, so we can meet face-to-face.  That’s what it’s all about.

See you soon.

To Join The SEMAFX Network, email Scott at scottsemafx@gmail.com or call him at 313.418.5177

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